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If you are a person whose favorite music is hard to play, maybe you can listen to your favorite music with your own ears in your own room.
TuberPlayer is a solution for such kind of people who don’t want to spend much money on a sound card, also for people who are using a portable music device.
TuberPlayer is not a PC sound card, but a PC application to play songs (of any format – from.MP3 to.MOD) and import them into TuberPlayer.
TuberPlayer supports most popular music players in Windows:
– Windows Media Player
– Winamp
– iTunes
– Windows Media Encoder
– etc…
Also, you can set preferences for TuberPlayer in Playlists window:
– audio output: there are 3 types of output: 1: External, 2: Internal, 3: Internal and External
– seek: seek time can be set from millisecond to seconds and to tracks
– volume: you can set volume (0-100) of sound card output and headphones
– pan: you can set panning direction (from 0 to 360 degrees)
– mute: you can set mute of sound card output and headphones
– looping switch: set loop switch (on/off)
– use settings: set the settings for TuberPlayer every time you want to play a specific playlist
TuberPlayer download:
Here are some direct links for TuberPlayer download:

You can also visit TuberPlayer download page.
More informations about TuberPlayer:

This collection of utilities contains more than 100 useful freeware and shareware applications to optimize your computer. The collection is divided into categories based on most popular topics, including: multimedia tools, networking tools, office tools, photo and video tools, system tools, programming tools, games and educational tools

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■ F3: toggles display of current setting
■ F4: toggles display of default settings
■ F5: toggles mute/mute all
■ F6: toggles looping of track
■ F7: toggles pan on/off
■ F8: opens folder from Windows Explorer. It has not got to be selected.
■ F9: Navigate to root folder and display or hide folder’s content.
■ F10: open track from Windows Explorer and open it.
■ F11: brings file selection dialog
■ F12: opens the TuberPlayer Settings dialog.
■ F13: toggles the use of playback mode
■ F14: toggles track panning.
■ F15: toggles Play/Pause toggle
■ F16: toggles mute/unmute all
■ F17: toggles looping toggle.
■ F18: toggles display of current setting
■ F19: toggles display of default settings
■ F20: toggles toggle playback mode
■ F21: toggles toggle file mode.
■ F22: toggle all playback settings.
■ F23: toggles mute/unmute all
■ F24: toggles looping toggle.
■ F25: toggles toggle track panning
■ F26: Toggle profile
■ F27: toggles the use of playback mode.
■ F28: toggles playlist toggle
■ F29: toggles track volume.
■ F30: toggle track mute
■ F31: toggles track volume ramping.
■ F32: toggle track panning
■ F33: toggles track volume ramping.
■ F34: toggle track mute
■ F35: toggles track volume ramping.
■ F36: toggle track panning
■ F37: toggles track mute
■ F38: toggles playback mode toggle.
■ F39: toggles track volume.
■ F40: toggles track panning
■ F41: toggles track mute.

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TuberPlayer has got a multi-channel audio output with an option to specify the sample rate and format for each channel. On the other hand it has a mute button, pan reset button, open file/folder window, visualization and system management tool (from the system tray). TuberPlayer is a freeware program and uses a tiny amount of system resources.
For more information, go to TuberPlayer home page:

This release includes a number of improvements.
For more details, see the changelog.
Signed to:
■ Francisco Brazzale
■ Michael Chapman
■ Andrzej Duda
■ Oscar Genao
■ Gordon McMillan
■ Rick O’Neil
■ Richard van der Velden
■ Josep Cols
■ Jonathan duPreez
■ Marcelo Martins
■ Bruno Rieger
■ Iain Small
■ Robert Skarpey
■ Alex Tunnacliffe
■ David Smith
■ Tanya Viste
■ Andriy Zaborov
■ tim@ast

What’s New In?

– OGG, MP1, MP2, MP3, IT, MOD, MTM, S3M, XM
– Text display
– Volume control
– Gain control
– Normal volume control
– Pannable volume control
– Clickable/selectable pan control
– Pitch control
– Pitchbend control
– Volume speed control
– Mute
– Normal Mute
– Pannable Mute
– Clickable/selectable Mute
– Pulse width modulation (PWM) volume
– Mute click
– Play/pause button
– Import/export presets
– Load from the system directory
– Import from the system directory
– Playlist edit (Add tracks and playlists)
– Save settings (DSP/etc) and reopen to replay
– Playlist/track/album/artist filters
– All functions do what you want (10 versions only)

This is just a first release, if you find some issues please send an email to the address “” in the bottom of this page.

Features List
– All formats supported: OGG, MP1, MP2, MP3, IT, MOD, MTM, S3M, XM
– With Tuber: OGG, MP1, MP2, MP3, IT, MOD, MTM, S3M, XM
– With TuberPlayer: WAV, M3U/PLS
– Gapless output
– Interpolation & volume/pan ramping
– Saved/preset settings
– Save settings (DSP/etc) to be automatically used each time specific tracks or file types are played, save presets for quick application at any time
– Open files/folders from Windows Explorer, Unicode file support: Support for Russian, etc…
– Visualization: Volume and pan levels dependable visualization
– Mute button, pan reset button
– System Management from the System Tray
– Looping switch – this can be set to never loop and always loop
– No installation

The TuberPlayer is developed by:
– ■ TuberTune team:

Tuber Player is distributed with a software license agreement. You agree to this license with the usage of this software.
You can choose between 2 types of license

– TuberPlayer – Internet license:
You agree to this license by downloading the software from the TuberPlayer page and trying to use the software.

– TuberPlayer Pro – Tuber Player Pro license:
You agree to this license by downloading the software from the TuberPlayer Pro page and trying to use the software.
You agree to this license with the usage of this software

System Requirements:

Supported OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
Cameras Supported: Any cameras with the following minimum resolutions: 800×600, 1024×768, 1280×1024, 1600×1200, 1280×800, 1280×1032
Drivers Required: USB 2.0
Install Notes:
This utility will not work with USB 2.0 ports.
Please don’t forget to rate the app when you are finished.Q:
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