Plc Backup Tools V6 0 436


Plc Backup Tools V6 0 436

these backup apps all do the job, but the best ones integrate seamlessly into the operating system. if you want to back up or restore data across multiple devices, the best option is probably carbon copy cloner, which syncs everything across macs, pcs, iphones, ipads, and even windows mobile devices. carbon copy cloner also comes with free lifetime updates, while backupper standard only offers one-year of updates.

backupper standard or backupper 4 also have useful features like file compression, file system monitoring, file synchronization, cloud backup, and windows backup. unfortunately, they havent progressed as far in this category as others, so we dont recommend them for that purpose.

you can save your files to a network location, either locally or in the cloud, which is the case with all the windows backup programs in our roundup. backupper standard, however, is the only windows backup program that lets you select any network folder on your local network or the local or networked cloud as the destination for your backups.

in addition to the different file types youre backing up, you can specify which partitions you want to back up, and the backup programs will back up only the changed or modified files, which makes them a great way to protect your system from malware. the file history is also very helpful if you need to restore a file or folder, and retrospect solo has the best search tool.

mac users have more options than windows users, but thats not to say that the latter have nothing to offer. you can find plenty of good windows backup software on the mac app store, such as backupper standard, backupper, and carbon copy cloner, but there are also a number of mac-only apps that do the job.