Ne-Yo – Libra Scale (iTunes) (Deluxe Version) (2011) [VERIFIED]

Ne-Yo – Libra Scale (iTunes) (Deluxe Version) (2011) [VERIFIED]


Ne-Yo – Libra Scale (iTunes) (Deluxe Version) (2011)

“Libra Scale” is the first album that Ne Yo has released since putting out his last album. It is also Ne-Yos first studio album of his newest album, “Libra Scale” has his new Single “Champagne Life”.

Libra Scale “Hook Me Up”, is the third single from the album, and it features an additional rap from the singers producer and production team The Knocks.
Ne-Yo – Libra Scale (2011)
Libra Scale, Ne-Yo’s fourth album will be out on November 1st (I will be pre-ordering from iTunes-It’s ONLY the deluxe version-I’m very excited!) But for now, check out the singles. The album will have fourteen tracks, with the first single being “Hook Me Up” featuring Steve Levine. The following singles are “Back Down Again”, “Laughin, Cryin” featuring Future, “Champagne Life” and “Stick To Love”, Featuring Kelly Rowland. All songs on the album are produced by The Knocks and it is the first album with his new label Motown. The album will be available on iTunes for the deluxe version, which will have the option to purchase the digital album as well as a CD. The deluxe edition includes the singles and features remixes of “Hook Me Up” and “Back Down Again”, as well as new song “Me & You”. There will be a deluxe edition available as well as an iTunes only edition.

P. S. I’m sorry for getting so many orders in. You’re going to have to wait until I get the new site up so that you can make more orders if you want the album. Sorry about that. I’ve been busy as hell and I will be getting the site back up in like, 2 weeks.

It’s like 6am or something and I’m usually dead tired at that time. I’m doing this for free so I don’t make an actual living off it, and I can’t take it if people buy a ton of music. I’m not a big part of the economy like you guys.

Ill give you guys your stuff now. Please don’t ask again (what you used to do)

Ne-Yo – Libra Scale (2011)
Libra Scale is a studio album by American singer-songwriter Ne-Yo. It was released on April 28, 2011, by R&B record label Motown. The album