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This is the professional edition of KaraWin, a Karaoke player that offers support for a wide range of audio file types, including MP3, Midi, OGG, WMA, WAV and KAR.
It has a built-in file browser that permits you to rapidly locate audio tracks, MP3 tags and lyrics editor, history view, file finder, and more.
Quick setup and outdated interface
The setup procedure doesn't take a long time to finish. At startup you can select a preferred UI language and Midi output device.
Wrapped up in a large window with a neatly organized structure, KaraWin Pro isn't hard to navigate. On the other hand, it's obvious that the app hasn't been updated for a very long by judging the quality of the UI graphical elements.
Manage, convert and configure audio files
It's possible to explore directories and insert selected tracks into the karaoke jukebox, edit lyrics and MP3 tags, as well as to convert files to WAV, MP3, WMA or OGG format.
What's more, you can print the list of all tracks and their information from the current directory, use a basic search function to track down a particular song, add comments to tracks in the jukebox, create playlists, view history of played songs, as well as adjust Midi settings when ti comes to the volume level, tempo, pitch, balance, vocal removal, reverberation, echo, compressor, and other aspects.
KaraWin Pro also features a basic piano window where you can choose the channels, a multimedia window that allows you to apply background images and load videos, access the Windows Mixer, create and save presets, and so on.
Evaluation and conclusion
The tool didn't put a strain on the overall performance of the machine in our testing, thanks to the fact that it needed low CPU and RAM to work properly. It didn't hang, crash or display error messages either.
However, KaraWin Pro clearly needs a makeover in the looks department, since it's a distraction from the product's advanced functions. Otherwise, the utility sports practical and useful features for organizing fun karaoke nights with friends.
NOTE: You can also check out KaraWin and KaraWin Standard.









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Karaoke tool that offers a wide variety of features for the best performance.
Large interface with a list view and file explorer.
Built-in sound recorder, playback and editing, printing, multimedia playback, and music library management.
Import and export of MP3, OGG, WMA, WAV, KAR and MIDI files.

Surround Sound Software is a program created by sound enthusiasts that work to expand the capabilities of Mac computers. This software was originally created with the purpose of letting Mac users run the stereo effects processing chain right on their own systems. This suite of sound software is mostly used to enhance or modify sound files and optimize them.
Surround Sound Software is a versatile tool that lets you perform any type of sound editing you can imagine, and much more. You can adjust a lot of parameters in the program that will make sure you get just the results you want.

Limewire Pro is an application that allows you to download files of all kinds from the internet. It’s available in version 3.16, with a number of improvements, over the former version 3.0.
Limewire Pro requires a Java runtime environment to work properly, and the installation process is much simpler than the installation process for Limewire. The interface is neat and pleasant, and it’s really easy to install, but the software still has some serious limitations.
Limewire Pro offers you the choice of downloading or uploading, and it supports the AUP, TOR, and OVI protocols. The interface allows you to search for files, and it offers some basic editing functions, such as resizing, deleting, splitting, joining, and renaming files. You also have the possibility of inserting multimedia files into your downloads, and you can view and manage your downloads with this program.
Limewire Pro is a good solution for people who want to download content from the internet, but it’s not exactly a program you’ll want to use on a regular basis.
Limewire Pro description:
Download files from the Internet.
Able to download files of all kinds.
Supports the AUP, TOR and OVI protocols.

Karaoke Software combines in one software Karaoke with the audio function and basic vocal production feature. KARAOKE software permits you to play audio file as you type the lyrics. You can also perform basic vocal production operations, such as adjusting the volume, pitch, and brightness.
You can record vocals using the software and you

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A Windows software utility designed for automation tasks. Provides predefined functions that can be applied to almost any type of computer input in order to automate or speed up tasks that are performed hundreds, if not thousands, of times in a single session. Full support for macros and script-enabled support in a rich graphical scripting environment. Scripting language is based on MS Access, VBScript and Visual Basic. Supports macros, scripts and variables.
– Dynamic or scripted text macros
– Shell scripts
– Automation windows
– Scripting language based on MS Access, VBScript and Visual Basic
– Command line support
– Dynamic or scripted text macros
With KeyMacro you can perform many of your tasks in a few seconds. Easily perform repetitive tasks, record them, and even reuse them.
Shell scripts
KeyMacro provides scripting language based on MS Access, Visual Basic, and VBScript. It supports macros and dynamic or scripted text macros. You can easily extend and customize the list of macros, create your own scripting language, and automate your tasks in Windows.
– Dynamic or scripted text macros
You can create dynamic or scripted text macros. KeyMacro can run text macro files stored on your system or launch them in a different window.
– Access language
You can use Microsoft Access language. You can edit list, data, query, table and form in Microsoft Access databases and open, close, update, create, delete or view their files. You can also view, edit, open, create, and modify files.
– VBScript language
You can use VBScript language. VBScript scripting language was created by Microsoft to make scripting easier. You can easily create scripts, open, run, save, print, close windows, send and receive messages, and perform other tasks.
– Visual Basic language
You can use Visual Basic language. Visual Basic language is similar to VBScript language but is based on Microsoft Visual Basic language. You can create, open, save, and save as, save your script.
– Scripting editor
Scripting editor lets you create, edit and run your own macros. It includes various interface elements like buttons, textboxes, labels, checkboxes, frames, text boxes, dialog boxes, and images.
– Command line support
Command line allows you to run your text macros with command-line switches and parameters. You can also run any script file, or open any application that supports command-line switches.

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Photo To Video Live is an advanced photo editor that allows you to edit, create and convert photos to videos without a software photo editing professional. The software can be used to combine several photos into one single video, to create photo montages and to generate a slideshow from photo albums and magazines.
Photo To Video Live allows you to combine your favorite photos into a single video, generate a slideshow from photo albums and magazines, convert photos and images into black and white and create 3D images, make your images realistic and show motion effects.
Designed as a full-featured photo editor, Photo To Video Live has a database of original frames, allowing you to create customized frames from your photos, and an easy to use interface, making it an ideal solution for everyone who wants to make videos with their pictures.
Create personalized videos from your photos
Merge photos from your photo albums and magazines into a single video
Use video editing and effects to improve the look of your photos
Import photos, documents, and images from your hard disk
Create video montages from your photos
Apply multiple effects to your videos
Convert photos to black and white, sepia, grayscale and other effects
Create 3D photos with an interactive camera
Export photos to your PC, online and DVD
Create a slideshow from your photos with or without music
Merge your photos with music and sound effects
Automatically create a new file after every new photo
Automatically resize and crop photos
Add text on your photos and create your own titles
Save your photos in standard and video image formats (JPG, GIF, BMP, PNG, TIFF, AVI, WMV, MOV, MP4, MPEG, 3GP, DAT, and more)
Preview your photos as photos and videos in your video editor
View the list of your favorite frames
View your photos, videos, and images in slideshow view
Quickly preview and convert your photos to over 40 image formats
Import JPEG, BMP, GIF, and TIFF images and documents
Provide color, black and white, sepia, soft focus and other effects
Add special text or background effects to your images
Create 3D photos with realistic camera effects
Create a photo for your avatar in your social network profiles
Fix any problems in your videos
Add subtitles to your videos
Generate a video for your mobile phone from your videos
Export video to CD and DVD for playback on a TV or other devices
Preview the color

What’s New in the KaraWin Pro?

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Create a web page like a pro
Microsoft Web Designer 2008 is packed with sophisticated page layout and design tools, animation, video, and web publishing tools, all designed to help you create engaging web sites and web applications. Make and edit web pages with page themes, 3D objects, and web templates, use an easy drag-and-drop approach to create complex web pages, and work with multiple pages at once. Plus, take advantage of the new Page Editor tool, which lets you change web pages without using the more complex Page Inspector tool.
Seamless web publishing
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Web designer

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Browser-based IDE
Work with Microsoft ASP.NET and Microsoft Web Services in any browser using Web Designer 2008. Microsoft.NET Framework 2.0 support is also available. A feature-rich IDE, Web Designer 2008 lets you build professional web sites or web applications that target the.NET Framework, including Microsoft ASP.NET, Microsoft.NET Web Service, and Microsoft AJAX Web Parts. Web Designer 2008 also supports the VS 2005 and Visual Studio 2005 integrated development environment (IDE), and the Microsoft Web Server Toolkit (MST) technology.

Page Layouts and Themes
Select and use themes to apply a visual style to your web pages. You can also change the HTML code that the themes generate. From the Page Inspector, you can edit the layout of the HTML code of a page, change the appearance of 3D objects, and apply formatting to HTML tags.

Web Sites, Web Applications, and Controls
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Visual CSS Editor

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System Requirements:

(Some of these requirements are only minimum, so feel free to increase the settings. Also, keep in mind that these settings work with all maps. Whether you play Singleplayer, Coop, or Dedicated Server is irrelevant to these settings. The settings below apply to ALL CUSTOM LOOT)
Game Version:
Ram: 4GB (8GB is recommended but not required)
Hard Drive Space: 1GB (2GB is recommended but not required)
DirectX: Version 11