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Retouching and Manipulation

If you see an image that you like but don’t want to go through the trouble of cropping it, you can use Photoshop’s _retouching_ and manipulation features. With the new features in CS6, you can also crop an image.

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It is one of the best photo editing software available. If you’re using a PC, get a copy of Photoshop Elements.

If you want to edit images on a Mac, get Adobe Photoshop.

1. Open it up from your Downloads folder.

2. Choose the standard installer or the trial version.

3. Follow the instructions to install it.

Download and install Adobe Photoshop Elements 2018 for Windows.

To get Adobe Photoshop Elements 2018 for Mac, download it from here.

Create a new document (preferred) or open up a file.

4. Import images or photos from the camera roll or from your smartphone, and drag and drop them into the editor window.

5. Now that you have everything imported, you can change it up.

Change image effects:

You can edit the overall look and feel of an image using the Effects, Adjustment and Adjustment Layers tools.

You can add adjustment layers.

Add color and texture filters.

These tools make working with your images easier.

You’re also able to use the blur and sharpen tools, as well as the resizing and cropping tools.

You can also add and remove layers.

You can scale and rotate images.

You can add text on an image.

You can use actions to automate tedious processes and optimize your workflow.

You can use the photo enhancement tools to get better looking images.

You can crop, rotate, and straighten your images.

You can use the brushes to add color and apply filters to an image.

You can make adjustments to your images.

You can merge multiple images in one layer.

You can crop your images to make them fit better on a picture frame.

You can add borders and frames to your photos.

You can also use filters and styles.

You can use the Camera Raw to improve your photographs.

You can add a border to a photo.

Add textures:

You can use photo textures to add a unique look and feel to your images.

You can change the tonal values of a photo.

You can blur the edges of your photo.

You can add gradient and pattern effects to your photos.

You can change the colors of your photo.

You can apply watermarks to an image.

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Bootstrap 3 and Rails 4: make collabpanel style navbar bigger

In my app, we use Bootstrap3 for all the stuff (login page, forgotten password…). I’d like to change some parts, for now I just want to make the navbar bigger.

I tried:
@navbar-inverse-bg: #565A61;
@navbar-inverse-color: #FFFFFF;
@navbar-inverse-border: #555753;
@navbar-inverse-link-active-bg: #3690E1;
@navbar-inverse-link-active-color: #FFFFFF;
@navbar-inverse-link-hover-color: #FFFFFF;
@navbar-inverse-link-hover-bg: #3690E1;

And I got this :

I guess that the CollabPanel doesn’t work well with this theme, even if I put inherit for this.
Do you have another solution to make the navbar bigger?


A few notes :

All Bootstrap themes contain a dark version. In your case, there is a light one, bootstrap-light.css and a dark version, bootstrap-dark.css. That’s why you can have both in your own project.
In bootstrap-light, you can put your own color values for the classes, the default ones are taken from bootstrap.css. Your changes will be visible in the light version, but not in the dark one.
I would recommend you to tweak the base theme from Bootstrap. Check the bootstrap-dark.css for an example of how it can be done.

Other notes :

background-color: #565A61;

.navbar-inverse.navbar-nav>li>a {
color: #FFFFFF;
font-size: 15px;
font-weight: bold;
.navbar-nav>li>a:hover,.navbar-nav>li>a:focus {
color: #e4e4e4;

What’s New In?

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D. T. Ngo, Y. K. Kaup, and L.A. Tracy, Phys. Rev. B [**60**]{}, 9075 (1999). J. A. Lipa and B. A. Fisher, Phys. Rev. B [**60**]{}, 9447 (1999); J. A. Lipa and B. A. Fisher, Phys. Rev. B [**60**]{}, 9447 (1999). E. Chow and O. Penrose, Adv. Mat. [**10**]{}, 659 (1998).

The zero temperature phase diagram of the electron-lattice system was computed using a special case of the continuous density functional theory developed by J. L. Feldman, L. D. Marks and J.P. Sethna, Phys. Rev. B [**51**]{}, 15068 (1995).

Importing images from nested directories in python

I’m trying to import images from a nested directory. The directory I’m looking at is data/training/image. And I have a bunch of folders that all contain images I want to convert. I’m trying to change the image directory so when my code runs, it goes to the data folder, which is where I’ve specified to have the images. When I run the code, it returns an error of:
import numpy as np
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
import sys
import os
import glob

# Main program


# Main loop

images = []
i = 0

# This section below runs through each batch of 10 images,
# and saves the image to file

for test in range(n_test):

for i in range(

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