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all the conversion settings are customizable. you can choose the output format of the files, whether to keep the original audio, and change the file name or the location. additionally, you can choose to keep the original or import the tags, if any. besides, you can create a profile and use it for all the files.

as you can see, the program has a lot of features. you can also see how the change is made in the watch window, as well as how that change is reflected in the registry. i also put a question mark next to every file. most of them are just placeholders so that you can see what the program does when it launches. you can download it here.

besides support for many different formats, wavesurfer also includes a built-in audio editor, an import filter, a level and a gain filter. once the sound is loaded, you can split its audio track into the various files, apply a fast sound effect, and place the scene into any media filter.
you can use wavesurfer for simultaneous playback of several audio tracks, make voice changes, and synchronize their speeds. you may also decide whether to retain the audio with the tempo

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