Assassin Creed Iii Benedict Arnold Dlc Extra Quality Downloadl


Assassin Creed Iii Benedict Arnold Dlc Downloadl

After you complete the necessary missions, the game will give you a new bossfight. There is no much story as of now, but it is still worth it. To start the fight, open your inventory and select the first guard’s weapon. He will start shooting arrows at you from behind. Once he is dead, collect his weapon and switch to it. Now, you will be able to kill the next few guards that are shooting at you. Finally, press F or K to activate the ACTIVATE AID SYNCHRONIZATION viewpoint you have been standing on. The Brotherhood will surround you and attack. However, there will still be no reinforcements 🙂

After you complete the boss fight, a marker on the map will turn green and the dialogue will unlock, giving you a new mission. This mission takes place in Pontiac, which you will also prepare to liberate shortly. Always start with founding a marker related to liberating a district. Once you reach that, you will get a short mission in which you have to take out a heavy enemy or rescue a citizen. Once you complete that mission, you will get another contract note. These mission are a bit more complex than those on district liberation. However, you will still need to do 2-3 missions before you can achieve the next district objective. In most cases, you will need to fight a preset boss and get a weapon. After you reach a set amount of power, the weapon will recharge and you will need to get more batteries. To get a new weapon, you will need to upgrade your weapons to the next level. To do that, you will have to find a place where you can charge your weapons and head back to the button where you can upgrade your weapons.

Important note: If you accidentally did not complete all the missions for a district, you will be unable to liberate the next district. Make sure to restore your save correctly before going on the next district. You will be able to establish a number of markers for the next cities. The main assumption is that they will not get you any new missions. Use the markers to prepare early for the next mission.