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Does the iPad 2 have a “new” Safari?

What is the Safari that ships with iPad 2 as compared to iOS 5.0? I’ve got an iPad 2 and all I can find on it is iOS 5.0.2 which was not the original firmware. Why is there a difference?


I’ve tested both and the answer is… NO. The two are the same.
However, if you use an iPad 2 that’s been jailbroken (and you’ve successfully reinstalled the stock/firmware version) then you will get a new “bookmark manager” app that includes some very nice features for those that want them (e.g. easy toggling of “always open” behavior, etc). See this thread for more info:

co-bond to C70.

![(a) The crystal structures of the *n*-butyl ether of C~70~ and the *n*-butyl ether of **1** bound to C~70~. (b) Illustrative structures for the considered isomers of **2** and **4**; the connectivity of the C-chains is depicted by dotted lines. See text for details.](c5sc04290d-f2){#fig2}

The calculated binding energies for the *n*-butyl ether of C~70~ and **1** are shown in [Fig. 3](#fig3){ref-type=”fig”}. The total energies were minimized to the DFT/CCSD(T)-optimized structures of the **1–C70** complex and **1–C70** complex with the *n*-butyl ether solvent molecules. The standard binding energy for the binding of *n*-butane to C~70~ is −18.0 kcal mol^–1^.^[@cit5],[@cit8],[@cit11]^ The binding energies for **1** are appreciably smaller than that for the *